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Crafts&Gifts is a Business to business platform which provide buying opportunties and product information , Crafts&Gifts mainly including:
Crafts&Gifts is the world's second largest online trade marketplace on Crafts & Gifts, home supplies, arts &crafts, promotional gifts in 32 industries, connecting millions of buyers and suppliers worldwide every day! As one professional marketplace,Crafts&Gifts is committed to General Merchandise & Crafts & Gifts industry, where crafts suppliers, gifts suppliers, factory suppliers set up showrooms online and webstores to display and sell their crafts, gifts, craft supplies, home supplies, art supplies and promotional gifts. So Crafts&Gifts is also one global marketplace to connect factory suppliers & importers, sellers & buyers to do trade business. Since started as a B2B trading portal site in 2006, Crafts&Gifts has grown to No.2 Trade Marketplace providing online and offline service to factory suppliers & importers, wholesalers, buyers and sellers. Based on export marketing, Crafts&Gifts are operating not only B2B website, International Corp Website Building service, trade consulting and so on, but also offline trade-related services for SME. Crafts&Gifts provide service like crafts & gifts sourcing, trade leads posting, webstore building, products showroom online, trade show posting, free press release, SEO website building, global buyers directory, factory suppliers directory. With worldwide network and market segment of crafts and gifts, as well as general merchandise, Crafts&Gifts are extending our business field to the global market by providing great value such as more business opportunities, cost saving and convenience.